Introspecter – Vernon West


Album Details

Released September 3, 2016

Alternative Indie Rock with a lot of soul. The heavy use of acoustic guitar gives this record a folk rock vibe, while its wide range of dynamics and progressive changes make evident its blues and jazz influence.

Produced by Switzer Productions at Principia College Recording Studio

About The Album

“This album’s title, “Introspecter,” is based on the way I am most commonly processing the world: introspectively. To me, there is always an underlying motive for every action, a hidden meaning within a gesture, a secret hunger within us all for some sort of truth. I am always digging deeper into myself, trying to find walls I’ve built or agendas I’ve masked. To be honest, it kind of sucks. I’m never really satisfied with my progress and I don’t think I’ll ever feel completely content.

But one way I find some semblance of peace is by looking back at the Vernon I once was. The person I look back at always appears to me as a specter, a faint outline, the shell of who I am now. I see him flailing wildly, acting passionately and emotionally (as I am so excellent at doing, still today), cursing at the enigma of life and curling into a ball in the face of heartbreak and imminent depression. Now, obviously that seems melodramatic. But don’t we usually seem like we were being overly dramatic when we look back at how we had once responded to change, heartbreak, loss, and loneliness?

These are the ghosts of ourselves. And I don’t think they’re all that bad to refer back to at times.

Yeah, these ghosts were shed for a reason. But seeing them, noticing their manner, watching the peculiar ways they’ve haunted you, now exposed by the light of hindsight–doesn’t that give you the perspective you need to leave them behind?

It does for me.

These songs each deal with a ghost of mine. The ghosts may be small and quirky, like the desperately affectionate and hopeless lover portrayed in “Your Therapy,” or the cynical existentialist poet who has a voice in “Stories.” But mostly, these specters aren’t quite gone, and actually may never leave me. The haunting coldness of a world where we are pulled apart from one another by the unforgiving hand of death. The tragic imbalance of an oppressive patriarchy, which has infected the planet and rendered helpless the world’s most important voices. These concepts, weighing heavily on most conscious thinkers, underscore every step I take.

I hope that by entering into the world’s most important dialogues, I can offer yet another perspective into the sphere of uplifted human thought. My mind is still small and my ideas infantile, but like I said before, this is my first official album.

We are the Introspecters.”

-Vernon West